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Client Testimonials

Here are some things our client say about us.

Ms. Everett,
Just wanted to again thank you for your help with Andrea’s expungement. I’m happy to see that OSCN has already deleted the info in the case. I’ve been in the legal field since 1975 (Army paralegal, legal administrator, and civilian paralegal) so I feel qualified to comment on attorney work. Not only were you prompt (not always the case for a lot of your peers) but you did what you advertised and at an affordable rate. Wish we had retained you at the inception of this case. I’m retired now and not easily impressed, but your work on this matter is greatly appreciated.


Ms. Everett,
I want You to know how pleased I am with the services You provided me with my cases against Cleveland County, Oklahoma. You tirelessly battled the district attorney’s office when they expected us to just rollover and pay them to go away. As you know, there was no way I could of defended myself due to the distance away from Oklahoma now that I live out of state. You searched for precedents and filed motions that ultimately defeated the injustices that were being pressed upon me and causing me to lose jobs. Not only did your tenacity and wisdom of the law save my possible livelihood, but You defended my character from further tarnish. I feel like You went way above what other attorneys would of done and the results prove that in the way the state dismissed all charges and also accepted the court costs upon themselves. I feel extremely lucky to have found you and was surprised that a lawyer of your caliber allowed me to pay your fees a little at a time. You are truly a champion of the little man and there is no doubt that if I ever need the services of an attorney again, You are the only one I would like in my corner. I HIGHLY recommend You to any person needing a real warrior to stand up and fight for them and if ever I can do anything for You, just ask. Thank You again.


Amanda, I wanted to thank you for providing me with outstanding legal services. I was facing up to 10 years in a medium security prison when I came in search of the best attorney I could find that was also affordable. Ms. Everett and I fought the case while I was out on bond, and within just 3 months she negotiated a plea bargain which amended my charge to a lesser charge, put me on probation, and kept me out of prison! As far as I am concerned, Amanda Everett is hands down the best lawyer in Oklahoma.

D. Jackson
Jan 2013

“Thanks for all you guys have done for us. Amanda did wonders for our family and we are enjoying our grandkids again.”

– J. and R.