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Hardworking Oklahoma Family Lawyer Assists with Your Adoption Needs

Making the process as efficient as possible in Oklahoma City, Norman and surrounding areas

Adoption is a wonderful thing, as it helps millions of children each year find safe, stable homes where they can grow up. The laws surrounding adoption are strict, however, and it takes a skilled family lawyer to guide you through the process. At Amanda R. Everett, P.C., Ms. Everett believes in helping families become whole, and she works tirelessly to achieve that goal, ensuring that your adoption goes as smoothly and efficiently as possible. She also offers affordable rates and a flexible payment plan, giving you the ability to secure sound legal representation without sacrificing your family’s financial future.

Navigating complex Oklahoma adoption laws

Adoption involves a process that establishes a parent-child relationship, upon completion of which the adoptive parents possess all of the rights they normally would have to their own biological child. In Oklahoma, you may adopt a child if you are a husband and wife couple or an unmarried person over the age of 21. The child’s consent is needed if he or she is over 12 years old.

Amanda Everett helps with the following types of adoptions:

  • Agency adoptions. For these adoptions, prospective parents work with a state-regulated adoption agency to secure placement of a child into their home. There are both public and private agencies, which typically handle different types of situations.
  • Independent adoptions. In some cases, adoptive parents can cooperate with a child’s biological parents to develop an arrangement that works for all parties, without involving an adoption agency.
  • Relative adoptions. If the parents are no longer able to care for their child, grandparents, aunts and uncles, or other family members may choose to seek child custody rights.
  • International adoptions. For situations involving the adoption of a child from another country, potential parents must meet the rules and regulations of both that country and the United States. This requires the assistance of a particularly skilled family law attorney.

Amanda R. Everett has worked with many parents seeking to adopt children, so she is well versed in the laws governing the practice in both the United States and the State of Oklahoma.

She also helps with family law issues related to divorce.

Consult with a caring Oklahoma City family law attorney for your adoption

To make the adoption process as easy on your family as possible, call Amanda R. Everett, P.C. at 405-698-3307 or contact her firm online. She offers free consultations and flexible payment plans. The firm proudly serves families in Oklahoma, Canadian, Cleveland, McClain, and Pottawatomie counties; in Norman, Oklahoma City, and Moore; and statewide.