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An Oklahoma City Lawyer Who Wants a Secure Future for You and Your Children

Attorney serving Norman and surrounding areas resolves family-related issues efficiently & effectively

As you undoubtedly know, legal issues involving your family are particularly difficult because of the closeness of the parties involved. To make sure you get what you need — whether your family is breaking up through a divorce or expanding through an adoption — it’s essential to work with an experienced family law attorney. Amanda R. Everett, P.C. offers sound representation without the high price tag, allowing you to pursue your goals without putting yourself in a difficult situation financially.

The resources you need from an experienced family attorney

There are many things to consider when going through a divorce, including child custody, child support, alimony and division of property. Amanda Everett is a skilled and compassionate divorce lawyer who can assist you with all of these issues, ensuring that your divorce settlement is fair and leaves your family in a better position moving forward.

Assisting you with child custody issues

Some of the most challenging aspects of a divorce are child custody and visitation agreements. While it is typically best to find an amicable solution to child custody cases out of court, judges base their decision on a number of factors related to what is deemed to be in the children’s best interest. Ms. Everett seeks to obtain an arrangement that works best for you and your family.

Guiding you through the adoption process

Adoption is a wonderful way to give a child a loving home, but the process of adopting a child is long and arduous. Working with your adoption attorney, however, you take it step by step, ensuring the most efficient process possible for adding a child in need to your family.

How can an Oklahoma divorce attorney help me?

When you work with Amanda R. Everett, you have access to a professional who provides you with:

  • Personal attention. She listens closely to your concerns and uses what you tell her to work toward a positive resolution.
  • High-level representation. Amanda Everett has handled all types of family law cases, and she knows the strategies that will result in success for you and your loved ones.
  • Cost-effective legal services. She offers a flexible payment plan that allows you to pay for legal services gradually.

Speak with a reliable Oklahoma City family lawyer right away

To get the most out of your family law case, call Amanda R. Everett, P.C. at 405-698-3307 or contact her online. She offers free consultations and serves families throughout Oklahoma, Canadian, Cleveland, McClain, and Pottawatomie counties; Norman, Oklahoma City, and Moore; and statewide.