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Experienced Oklahoma Lawyer Defends Clients Charged with Drug Crimes

Aggressive representation in Oklahoma City, Norman, and surrounding areas for clients facing possession, distribution & trafficking charges

Drug crime defense requires knowledge of substantive law and the rules regulating police procedure. At Amanda R. Everett, P.C., Ms. Everett applies her knowledge and experience to formulate an aggressive defense on your behalf.  She investigates the facts of your case to find areas where she can create reasonable doubt. In drug possession cases, this often requires her to challenge the legality of a police traffic stop or a search. She also looks for ways to challenge the chain of custody of alleged evidence or disprove that you had knowing possession or control of the illicit drugs. But most often, she resolves drug possession cases through plea negotiations. In those cases, she is determined to get the most favorable result possible. Although no attorney can guarantee results, Amanda Everett promises to work as hard as possible to minimize the consequences of your drug arrest.

Oklahoma’s controlled dangerous substances (CDS) regulations

Oklahoma law classifies many illicit drugs and the chemical compounds used in their manufacture as controlled dangerous substances, or CDS. These substances are divided into five schedules, as follows:

  • Schedule I: Drugs with a high probability of abuse and addiction and no recognized medical value. This includes opiates, such as heroin.
  • Schedule II: Drugs with a high potential for abuse, a currently accepted medical use and the chance of severe addiction. This includes narcotics, such as cocaine.
  • Schedule III: Lesser potential for abuse than Schedule I or II drugs, a currently acceptable medical use, and a chance of moderate to low dependency. This includes stimulants, depressants and narcotics such as codeine.
  • Schedule IV: Lower potential for abuse than Schedule III, a currently acceptable medical use, and a chance of limited dependency. This includes stimulants, depressants, and prescription drugs.
  • Schedule V: Lower potential for abuse than Schedule IV, a currently acceptable medical use, and a lesser chance of limited dependency. This includes prescriptions that contain limited quantities of narcotic drugs.

The penalties for simple possession of these schedule drugs are as follows:

  • Schedule I or II — First offense calls for a fine of up to $5,000 and from two to five years in prison, or both. Second and subsequent offenses can garner a fine up to $10,000 and from four to 20 years in prison, or both.
  • Schedule III, IV or V — First offense results in a fine of up to $1,000 and up to one year in jail, or both. Second and subsequent offenses can draw a fine of up to $5,000, between two and 10 years in prison, or both.

These are the penalties for simple possession based on a minimum amount of the substance. The greater the weight, the greater the potential penalty. Authorities often charge possession with intent to distribute based on the amount of a drug recovered and can even charge trafficking, the most severe possession crime, if the amount of the drug reaches certain limits.

Low bar for trafficking offenses in Oklahoma

Trafficking is the most serious drug possession crime. But in Oklahoma, you need comparatively little of a CDS to be charged with trafficking:

  • 25 pounds of marijuana
  • 20 grams of amphetamines or methamphetamine
  • 28 grams of cocaine
  • 1 ounce of PCP
  • 10 grams of heroin
  • 5 grams of crack

Keep in mind that a penny weighs about one gram. Complicating matters further, the FBI or the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, DEA, could refer federal charges as well. If you are facing this kind of intense prosecution, you need an aggressive criminal defense attorney to fight for your rights.

Contact a respected Oklahoma City lawyer to defend against drug charges

For aggressive defense to drug charges, you can trust Amanda R. Everett, P.C. Call 405-698-3307 or contact her firm online to schedule a free initial consultation. The firm serves residents in Oklahoma, Canadian, Cleveland, McClain, and Pottawatomie counties; in Norman, Moore, and Oklahoma City; and throughout the state of Oklahoma.